I am a multidisciplinary artist and craftsperson with a research practice centered around the craft history of beaded textiles. In my sculptural practice I bead black and white text onto forms which resemble domestic objects. My practice is inspired by the lack of political and cultural histories available to those with roots in parts of the world that have been heavily colonized. My work aligns with a long history of utilizing beaded objects as storytelling mechanisms and history keeping devices. Meanwhile, my written texts serve as a stand-in for the cultural touchstones that have been lost to colonization and the decimation of generational craft communities. I often reference how my own familial history in North and Central America has been lost to violence, the poor record keeping of various governments, and secrets kept by women who needed to protect their families. In beading statements, questions, and problems I am contributing to my family's written record. I am documenting my history as it happens.

Sophia Karina English